Mapping + Aerial Data Acquisition

  • Fully Insured

  • CAA Approved

Using the latest UAV technology we are offering faster, safer and less disruptive inspection of your buildings and assets at a far reduced cost to you and your business. In many cases eliminating the need for putting your workers at risk at the same as time cutting expensive on-going training & compliance costs.

Compared with traditional methods we have safer solutions for many types of inspection carried out at height or in difficult and complicated access areas.

Fully redundant electronic systems providing outstanding flight safety and peace of mind

  • High resolution 4k recording & HD Streaming
  • 3D mapping, Thermal imaging and analysis
  • Open source platform providing versatile sensor capabilities
  • Live Radio Equipment and EMI (Electro-magnetic Interface) tolerant
  • High wind and low temperature operations, providing less disruption to planned flights
  • Security sensitive operations, local data storage. No data transfer
  • Dual sensor capabilities, ideal for high resolution data capture and simultaneous thermal imaging. Cutting inspection time in half in many cases